Today, December 1st, 2007, marks the day I’ve been alive on this world for 17 years (well, not until 2:56 PM PST to be specific). In just one year, I will be socially accepted as an adult. Scary thought…

Pretty soon, I’ll have “responsibilities.” And chances are, once I graduate from High School, I’ll hardly have time to be on here. It makes me think, what the heck did I do all these years… and was it worth it?

Let’s think back a bit… I first got internet access in 2005. This beat those walks to the library. One of the first things I did was create an MSN Group for “The Thumbs Up Club.” Later, I joined websites like GameFAQs, GameSpot,, Newgrounds, MySpace, and SmashBoards.

2006 introduced a lot that would soon effect my experience on the internet. I started to get more involved in websites like Putfile, YouTube,, the RWP, and Spiral Mountain. YouTube, unexpectedly, became really popular and led me to several RareWare sites, since my first videos were Banjo-Kazooie related. I didn’t realize Banjo-kazooie was still a huge deal after all these years… disregarding GameFAQs’ Banjo boards. Yeah, there was Stop n Swop but I didn’t know people were still into it. It was a weird feeling. It was like revisiting the ol’ N64 days with people that actually cared about how great of a system the N64 was. During that time, I made a lot of new friends that are still friends with me today. I also started to express my opinions more than usual and cared too much about what other people thought. 2007 built upon that…

In 2007, I began to worry way too much about a lot of unnecessary stuff. At YouTube, I uploaded a video called “Banjo-Kazooie: Rated E?” and is now my most watched and discussed video. At GameSpot, GTA Legends was selected to became GameSpot Endorsed which fired up some rivil GTA unions. Because of this, I became more promotional… such as an advert for GTA Legends and a podcast. YouTube had me thinking “What if people unsubscribe if I don’t upload a video?” This was all extra work, stress, and pressure that would lead to nothing but more promotion which will lead to more pressure.

Everything that happened in the past, all of this stuff, 2006 and 2007, GTA Legends and rival GTA unions, YouTube, the RWP, my computer dying, Spiral Mountain, Catalsyt Media Player screwing up, GTA Legends Radio, SM Radio, debates, rants, trolls, flames, spam, hate, bans, all compiled up together, created a giant ball of pressure and stress that caused me to take things way too seriously.

Starting today, I’m going to take things more smoothly. I thought about it and my main problem in some of 06 and this year was promotion. I used to constantly check union posts and views and even tried to promote GTA Legends with a radio show. The same can be said with other sites. They’re great ideas and all but if your goal is to attract people, in the end, it ends up being unnecessary and stressful work. They’re ideas that I might still use in the future but I won’t have the same goal as before. They’re going to be made for fun. And that’s what the internet is for. The Internet is for fun.. l’ll just.. leave it as that.

Trekkie: Wrong! The Internet is for porn!

For my first step, I will clean out my MSN contact list… so if your someone I don’t normally speak to you or you don’t normally speak to me, I’ll delete you from the list.

As for insults, or as we like to say it on the internet… “flames”… I’ll look back and laugh at it all. You’re no use to me… so there’s no need to worry.

So yeah… see ya next time and Happy Birthday to me!

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