August 18th: A few weeks ago I bought the most awesome game for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising. August 18th to be precise. After I playing for a few hours, I decided to call it a day. So I turned on my computer and found myself in a never-ending loop. My computer got to the point where it wouldn’t start up at all. I talked to one of my Grandpa’s friend’s, someguy who know’s a lot about computers. My problem was one of my drivers messed up. I didn’t know how that happenned. My final guess was a virus infected my computer.

August 4th Week: So I formatted. I lost every single one of my files. Pictures, Music, Videos, everything. Meh, I got over it. I had Dead Rising after all. But… something was wrong with my sound. I later found out that my sound driver was screwed up. So I formatted… again. And again. And again. Same thing happened. “There are no active sound mixers installed”, “There are no sound drivers installed” came up every time. I couldn’t even open Windows Movie Maker. I finally had this guy come over…

November 2005: Before I get to that let me tell you a story back in the time of November 2005. Once upon a time in a land far far away, JO and his friend Rooster bought a PSP with GTA Liberty City Stories. JO loved his PSP. JO decided he needed music for his PSP. JO then downloaded something to get him music. Little did JO know, that program was filled with harmful MALWARE. Downloading that program sealed JO fate to this very day.

September 11th: After that dude checked my computer, he found out my PC had malware which screwed up my sound drivers. The only way to get rid of it was to fully format my computer which I had no knowledge of doing. Your supposed to do all this stuff and reset this and bla bla bla. It takes like 45 minutes to do so. He said he’ll do it but he’ll have to take my computer and charge me with a small fee of… $180. If I wanted to continue my hobby making movies on WMM, listen to music, play games… I had no choice but to accept. He said he’ll have it done by Friday. So I waited….

September 15th: I finally got my computer back. He told me everything that was wrong, what I should do and what not to do. Always keep my FireWall on, no Limewire, no KaZaA, no Aries, no BearShare, and always scan for viruses nightly, all that good stuff. Ok, I’m all set. All I need to do now is install all the stuff I had before.

September 16th: Well, I’m typing this. It’s a little past midnight right now. I’m gonna start working on LerakoLanche’s Stop and Swop video in a bit.

And when I’m done with that, expect a big change over at GTA Legends.

Also… with the recent Wii pricing at $250, I’m 100% sure I’m not going to get one at launch. I’m just gonna try to get DDR Universe, SmackDown VS Raw 2007, and Sonic the Hedgehog, all for my Xbox 360.

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