I’ve been unsure about the Xbox 360 during the past several weeks. I was thinking of buying PC/360 multi-plats only for my PC because of the Xbox 360’s faulty and unreliable hardware. That means the games I wanted on the Xbox 360 that are also/will be PC games, like Assassin’s Creed and The Orange Box, would’ve been bought for the PC. But, I thought about it some more and PC gaming takes a lot of money investment. I need more RAM, a new video card, and a (recommended) duo processor and, quite frankly, this is too much/hassle/cash for me to deal with at the moment. So, I will stick to the Xbox 360…hopefully it doesn’t scratch a disc or something. And I can endure that loud fan sometimes… so yeah.

I’ve also decided not to buy a couch+bed for my room. My only worry was not being able to play multiplayer on Wii or DDR in this cramped up area in my room. But, when I usually play multiplayer on Wii or DDR, I have company over and I move my game consoles to my garage, which is only a few steps away. I don’t plan to have any company over for a while so buying a $100+ couch+bed right now wouldn’t be the smart choice, imo. If I buy it now, it will prepare me for the future but that’s when I will buy it. In the future..

Okay! So.. no PC gaming. No couch. I’m left with a few 20’s and 10’s. The games I’ve decided to buy next are The Orange Box (X360) and Mario Strikers Charged (Wii). I thought about Strikers for a bit and the only reason why I was so iffy about buying it was because of the average or negative reviews gaming sites gave it. But, that won’t be a problem anymore because I’ve decided not to rely on what some major gaming site says to buy a game. I’ve did it a few times before, like ranking my ‘to get list’ with Metacritic scores. I’m going back to the days when I didn’t use the internet to find out which game is good or bad. I’ll now justify a purchase of a game by gameplay videos, screenshots, and playable demos.

And wow… this year has gone by fast… Xmas is only about 2 weeks away. Horray! I’ll be getting a couple early Xmas gifts soon. One is the Burnout Paradise demo being released on Xbox Live Marketplace on the 13th and a Japanese Magazine, that goes by the name of CoroCoro, will release the Super Smash Bros. Brawl roster on the 15th. I’m not sure if it’s the starting roster or the full roster. I’ve heard both stories and I’m not which is 100% true.

Away from gaming for a bit, I’ve been working on my website for the past week. It’s actually really fun but it becomes tedious if you don’t pace yourself correctly. There are some generic pages like Staff, Videos, Links, etc. Those standard stuff. On the Extras page, I will add original content, like recently, I added a page with my custom Mii creations. The site is not 100% complete but I’m really close to there.

Oh… and Paste.

Crackdown. You.

Edit: I forgot to add… Mario Party DS is awesome. Ok, bye!

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