Rare News – 10/14/11

Industrygamers met up with Scott Henson, Rare’s new studio manager, last month. Henson discussed the future of Rare and what they will be focusing on next.

Henson became Rare’s new studio manager last year in October. Since then, Rare’s focus has been on the critically acclaimed Microsoft Kinect and the party game, Kinect Sports.

“We might have changed and evolved,” said Henson. “We haven’t fallen off the map.”

In response to appealing to “hardcore” Rare fans, Henson said the studio will continue to innovate.

Kinect Sports: Season Two, a sequel to Kinect Sports, will be released on October 27th in the US and October 28th in the UK.

Henson believes Kinect Sports: Season Two will be successful because of the success the first Kinect Sports. “There’s more than three million people that have this in their homes, playing and loving it.”

In 2008, Microsoft revealed Rare was working on Xbox 360 Avatars, which Henson is far beyond anything the studio has ever done.

Former Rare employees, Grant Kirkhope, former composer of Banjo-Kazooie, and Christopher Seavor, lead designer and voice of Conker tweeted what they thought about the interview. Click to see after the jump.

According to Henson, the difference between now and then is Rare started from scratch instead of working on a game series people already know like Donkey Kong.

“We’re excited about Season Two and it’s something to celebrate,” said Henson. “It’s a new Rare.”

Source: Industry Gamers

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