A Tribute To Putfile

Who remembers Putfile? It was my go-to video site before YouTube became popular. Putfile popped my video channel cherry with the name “J-Zero”, one SSB Brawl, and two GTA music videos. It had a nice account system that had potential to be better than YouTube, but with the power of embed codes making it easy to share videos on MySpace profiles, Putfile was left behind for a more technologically advanced YouTube.

Kazooie flying over the Terrydactyland landform was actually uploaded to Putfile in much better quality, which is why I never uploaded my own to YouTube until 5 months after Jolly Roger’s Lagoon. Little naive me thought two of the same videos on the internet wasn’t needed + I didn’t have recording software for my N64 + I didn’t think about recording from Project 64 until I made Jolly’s Juice.

So, thank you Putfile for starting this crazy ride of video content creating. But really, I’m just glad no one will ever watch those music videos I made.

Rest in put, sweet file.

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