Before touching a console gamepad, I played video games with a keyboard and mouse running Windows 95. They consisted of small simple low-budget games that came bundled with my computer. “Game Pak” was the title of one of the discs just to give you an example of how low-budget the games were. I was also given a disc made by WizardWorks called “Kids Arcade Pack” which had a rip-off of Pac-man called Mac-man, a Panel de Pon-like game called Circus Balloons, a really addictive game called Diamonds, a space shooter called Peg Legs, and an odd game called Cartoon Commando. I also played Wheel of Fortune on some game show disc, and of course, Minesweeper and Solitaire. Low-budget but still enjoyable for six-year-old me. A year later I would have my mind blown with Super Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing by their full 3-D worlds and environments. My Windows 95 was covered up and hardly touched again.

Besides using my computer to connect to AOL dial-up, I played the heck out of my N64 with Banjo-Kazooie, Super Smash Bros., and my GameBoy Color with Pokemon Yellow. I became a console gamer and Nintendo fanboy (big thanks to my PS1 breaking on Christmas day). I didn’t know Half-life and Starcraft existed and my lonely Windows 95 PC sitting at the back of the room became something of the past.

Fast forward to 2005 and I was given a PC with Windows XP installed. I didn’t think of it as a gaming platform since I was already too addicted to my Gamecube and PS2. I often considered about upgrading my graphical interface though but never did… until yesterday.

I was given a graphics card by a friend because it wasn’t compatible with his computer. It’s an NVIDIA GeoForce 7900 GT with 256 MB of memory. It’s not as high end as some other cards on the market but it sure as hell beats my 64 MB integrated graphical interface. My Steam account can finally go to good use!

ID: ThumbsUpMaster

I have no idea why it says I joined in the year 1969.

Anyway, I took advantage of Steam’s Team Fortress 2 deal a few days ago. I bought it for $2.50 and it’s currently the only game I own on Steam. It will probably stay the only game I own for a long time since I’m cheap. I’ll also have some fun with GTA San Andreas later.

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