Back To Playing Dead Rising

I attempted to complete the Dead Rising achievement “PP Collector” yesterday. I started at 4 PM and I ended somewhere around midnight. Basically, what you’re supposed to do is photograph all these objects with a small white “PP Sticker” attached to them. Now unless you have super eye vision, the only way to complete this achievement is by looking for faqs on the internet. I used this as my guide and this helped me get a better view of the map because of Dead Rising’s god awful small font.

After hard work, a few root beers, and the calls from Otis, I finally completed this achievement. I still had time in the game to complete another achievement so I did the “Gourmet” achievement. You unlock it by eating all types of food in the mall. I used this achievement guide to help me with the different juice mixes because, again, you’d have to be a huge Dead Rising nerd or have internet access to unlock achievements like this.

I played through the story and unlocked Snuff Shot B and Shuff Shot J.


I didn’t meet with Brad and I didn’t have enough film to capture Zombie Jessie’s photo on my first completion of the game. First was Brad. I went to the area where he was trapped with Zombies.. and wow.. that had to be the most saddest moment in the game. There isn’t a video at YouTube so I can’t show you. I got both Snuff Shot achievements, I’m 54% complete, and I’m now in Overtime mode. My goal is to get 100%. Wish me luck…

Oh yeah, random video!

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