Banjo GameShark #7: Clanker’s Cavern Mod Madness

Continuing these with the characters and memorable objects within Clanker’s Cavern! Banjo becomes Gloop, a whipcrack, Clanker’s key, pipes, switches, gates, and grates of many colors. Like or dislike this video, either way helps! Subscribe for more and CLAW SWIPE that bell icon for notifications. The final 2 minutes is Gloop swimming with Gloop. The audio will improve in the next video.

812986BA ????
812986BE ????

0429 Key at bottom.
0432 Wipcrack
0372 Gloop
04A4 Tall Pipe
04A5 Tall Pipe
04A6 Pipe
04A7 3 Big Iron Bars
04A8 Circular Grate
04A9 Pipe switch
04AA Pipe switch
04AB Grate Switch
04AC 3 Iron Bars
0430 Enemy grate
0431 Vent
0435 Green drain
0436 Green drain
0437 Brown drain
0441 Ball


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