Banjo-Kazooie: Rated E? – Part 2 (Original)



Jolly Rogers Lagoon (Guitar Remix) by BanjoPaste
In the Darkness Lies by DragonAvenger and The Joker

“Have no fear — Banjo will remain E-rated!!” ~ Rare, December Scribes

“JO, no more innuendo videos. That’s old material. Move on and do something new. How many more ‘innuendos’ can you squeeze out of Banjo-Kazooie anyway?” I couldn’t let that get away though. I get new subscribers or friend requests in my e-mail from YouTube and I actually take the time to look through their profiles. Mostly everyone has Rated E? favored on their playlist. My audience expects more of these. But how can I deliver? I searched all over the internet for some “innuendos” I missed and even created a thread here at Spiral Mountain, back in June I think. I’ve actually been working on this video from time to time. When I got bored editing Subliminal Stop n Swop or Cameos 2, I’d record a few clips for this vid. Well, it’s finally here. Hope you enjoy. Bonus: Here’s a look at how the project files looks like when being edited: PS: I didn’t add some innuendos that were mentioned here and some other forums. But they will be in a future vid.   Banjo-Kazooie: Rated E? – Part 2 turned out better than I expected. It managed to compete with Halo 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Dynasty Warrior 6 TGS videos on the Top Rated and Favorited pages. It was an honor being on the same page as Villanjo’s recent “Link to the Smash” video, though. Awesome videos, btw. In my opinion, Part 2 was a lot funnier than Part 1. The video was meant to take a less serious approach as you can tell from several of the lines in the video. I thought the editing improved from Part 1 while keeping the same style which I thought came out a lot smoother. Though, a few people commented by saying “the jokes were forced.” Well, that logic is flawed since the jokes were also forced in Part 1. It’s just… Rated E? is getting old. If Part 2 was Part 1, and vice versa, you’d be thinking the same thing. But I admire opinions. It makes me think about what I should do next. But will the “innuendo” videos stop? Of course not. I’ll still find a way to make people laugh. And that doesn’t mean by making a Part 3.

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