Banjo-Shorties: Subliminal Stop n Swop


Original with Subliminal by They Might Be Giants: or

Happy 9 years of Banjo-Kazooie! Will Banjo find the world’s best kept secret? Watch to find out!

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Well… I finally finished Project SSnS or Subliminal Stop n Swop. Please rate and comment!

Creating this video went from LOL to yelling at my computer screen. The main thing I improved was creating my own text bubbles. I did this because I needed a way for Banjo, Kazooie, and characters to speak without just text. I wanted to create my own text bubble without the use of hacking and with Sony Vegas, it was possible. Layer 1 was the head movement. Layer 2 was the text bubble. Layer 3 was the text. Layer 4 was the secondary text. Layer 5 was the narrator’s text. Layer 6 were the voices. Layer 7 were the video clips. Layer 8 was the audio/music. And layer 9 were the sound effects.

The idea started out as a short 1 minute video where the narrator takes Banjo to a location and scares him. The idea was scraped until I was chatting with BanjoPaste on Skype. He told me it would be a funny idea so I decided to reopen the project. First, I started on the script, and just like my April Fools video, I had no idea how the hell I came up with it in the end. Afterwards, I started recording and adding the text bubbles (which was a hassle at first). I spent nearly a week on the first 20 seconds of the video. A few days after I started editing, Skill set up this Stop n Swop video comp. Subliminal Stop n Swop happened to be SnS related so I joined in a heartbeat. The deadline was too short for the production of the video so I withdrew from the comp.

The characters were a huge key factor. I tried to make Banjo Stop n Swop obsessed other than his usual happy-go-lucky personality. Kazooie is supposed to be non caring like she is in the game. I also tried to make her objective to Stop n Swop and it’s “clues”. Boggy is a bear that is into the times with the latest technology and gizmos so that’s why he mentions Playstation 2 and internet forums. The Blackeye joke makes fun of all the Blackeye paranoia. The Narrator is supposed to be the bestest friend in the world to Banjo but in the end, he reveals his true attentions.

The moral of the story is more than just LOL. The epilogue talks about how we shouldn’t take Stop n Swop too seriously. It’s obviously something huge when it comes to the Banjo-Kazooie community but don’t let it get to you and appreciate how 9 years later we’re communicating with Banjo-Kazooie fans about a game we played as a child. Back in ’98, we had no way to communicate with each other or were too young to. So don’t take this experience for granted and enjoy it while it lasts.

Lastly, I’d just like to say thank you to those who were patient and didn’t rush me and thanks to those who provided me with the audio and music. I really appreciate it. I hope I made someone laugh. 

– Banjo walking out of his house is a parody of Rated E?’s intro.
– Banjo meets the narrator like how Banjo meets the hacker in Behind the scenes of banjo Ep.2 by aj120191.
– The Rayman 2 music is a parody/reference of some wannabe “innuendo” video that was uploaded shortly after Rated E’s success.
– The wall in Terrydactland is a parody of Banjo Tooie-New subliminal message by Nintendoforever
– The “Nig” reference is a parody of Racist Banjo Tooie room by milkbon3.
– On the fake screamer, there contains 2 hidden messages.
– I was going to have the middle thumbnail say “This is not subliminal” but it didn’t go through correctly.
– The Epilogue was actually part of my Spiral Mountain profile for a short time.
– The url in the Bonus Scene pertains to a fad.
– The video is uploading as I type this.
– Right now, I don’t give a —- what the thumbnail is. As long as it isn’t an empty freekin black space then that’s fine with me.
– Boggy having internet in his TV is a reference from Behind the scenes of Banjo Ep.1 by aj120191.

I finished GTA Legends’ Recruitment Video today. The idea was planned out last year and it’s finally finished. I’ll upload to GameSpot.. when I feel like it.

Another video will follow up SSnS called Banjo-Kazooie: Oddities. I found a few interesting things when editing SSnS that I’d like to share. Afterwards…well… you’re gonna have to wait and find out.


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