Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday two day ago. It means a lot.

As for my birthday gifts, one of my friends gave me his copy of Crackdown for the Xbox 360. I was originally going to pay him $20 but he decided to give it to me for free since it was my birthday. I also got some Birthday cash… and I may have enough to buy one of those fancy couches + folding beds for my room. My new room in my new house (which I think I didn’t blog about – not sure) has a smaller space than my previous room. The bed I have right now is taking too much space in my room for Wii and DDR game sessions so a couch + folding bed is in order!

I didn’t post a blog about these two things at the right time but I got Super Mario Galaxy and a domain name as early birthday gifts a few weeks ago. Super Mario Galaxy is, by far, one of the greatest games I’ve played. Better than Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.. it’s that good. Like what Gametrailers said, Super Mario Galaxy feels like a rebirth of the 3D platforming genre, a genre that was forgotten for some time. My domain is like a wish come true. I’ve always dreamt of having a personal website of mine.

I also got this neat birthday sig using Death Note font, made by ‘KazooieBanjo.’

One last thing, just in case something unfortunate happens to my GameSpot account, which I highly doubt but you never know, I’m going to repost all my blog entries at my Blogspot. I recently found out you can edit the date and time of your blogs so this gives me a chance to recreate my blog from here. This will take a while so I’ll just recreate a few blogs per day.

And that’s it for now.

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