…Banjo-Kazooie: Cameos! Banjo-Kazooie: Cameos! Ah ha ha ha ha! hey!

This video was finished on Sunday, August 26th but I couldn’t upload it due to lack of internet. I will not have internet until September 4th so I uploaded this from another computer after burning a CD. What a hassle.

And is it just me or did the resolution of YouTube videos get toned down? I see dots around the text of my recent videos like my SnS Theory and Cameos 2. Looking back at SSnS, I notice them now. Maybe I spent too much of my time watching higher resolution videos… or maybe I’m just paranoid…

Anyway, Cameos 2 should clear up all cameos I didn’t mention in my previous ‘cameos’ video. If not, feel free to post a video response of a cameo I didn’t mention in both parts. I also added references from other games.

The song used was Moskau by Dschinghis Khan, a strangely addictive song to listen to.

The thumbnail is coincidentally almost the same as BanjoKatzooie’s (or Dragon-Kazooie here on Spiral Mountain) video response for Cameos – Part 1. Odd…

That being said, I hope you enjoy the vid!

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