Hey look, it’s Christmas… what an exhausting year it’s been…

But before I get to that, I bought Assassin’s Creed a few days after I bought The Orange Box and Super Mario Strikers from the money I received that following Friday. I was having fun until an abrupt message popped up on my screen. “Disc Read Error.” Great, it’s Playstation 2 all over again. My brand new Assassin’s Creed disc has only been in my 360 once. I opened up the disc tray after I was redirected to the Xbox 360 dashboard and removed the disc. No scratches. So what’s the deal? Faulty hardware. Screw you Microsoft.

After I became pissed at my Xbox 360, I played with my DS all week. Games included Phoenix Wright (my dream game), Ouendan (best rhythm game), Trauma Center: Under the Knife (damn circles), and Mario Party DS (best Mario Party since Mario Party 2). And guess what? No errors. It’s times like these where I prefer portable gaming over console gaming.

And after a week of Nintendo DS, it’s Christmas time once again! Is it just me or did December go by really fast?

Anyway, I opened my gifts and this is what I got:

A brown vest jacket
Some long sleeve shirts
Sweat Pants


Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)
I’m actually surprised my parents found a new copy of this game. Atlus discontinued distributing new copies to stores, I’m guessing because New Blood is out. Copies of Second Opinion will be hard to come by next year, unless you find a used copy at GameStop.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is partly my game and partly my brother’s. We only played the first few levels of it though so I can’t really tell you much about it. But how can I describe RE: UC so far? Imagine a light gun shooter at an arcade but replace it with Resident Evil and this is what you have.

My mother also found her Numerology book. The first few pages are torn out (no table of contents or whatever) but the main pages are still in tact. I’ll begin reading it again if I get bored.

So… gaming has been awesome this month. No, wait, I take that back. This month in general has been awesome. I haven’t been dealing with any forum nonsense. I haven’t been worried about getting any videos uploaded at YouTube on a specific date. Winter break just started yesterday. I have an awesome collection of Wii, 360, and DS games ready to be played. I have awesome friends, on and offline, who will never choose something like a website over me.

It feels kinda nice doing things my own way.

Hmm… as we come to 2007’s end in 7 days, it’s hard to imagine what 2008 will bring. I mean, if you think back to the beginning of 2007 and think now, a lot of things have changed. I went from Windows Movie Maker to other, better video-editing programs. GTA Legends became GameSpot endorsed. I made a lot of new friends from the Spiral Mountain forum. Rich Gallup and Jeff G. left GameSpot. Hell, I even made my own website. It makes me wonder what’s in store for 2008. I do know one thing… I can’t wait to find out.

One last thing I’d like to say before ending this blog, thanks to everyone who made my year exciting and enjoyable. I wish the best of luck to you and your families in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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