After finishing reading Safe House, I went to GameStop to pick up my copy of Chrono Trigger DS. I traded in two games I didn’t play or cared for anymore, Pokemon Battle Revolution ($15) and Super Mario Strikers ($14).. and before anyone thinks or says “GameStop rips you off with trade-in values, eBay is better!” one bids on these games if their price is over $10. GameStop had the better deal.

This is probably the best purchase I made all year. Not only did I receive the authentic DS game (and not something else, if you know what I mean) but I also received a limited time Chrono Trigger poster (an enlarged version of the official box art) and a CD that contains an Orchestra version of the Main Chrono Trigger Theme and a Chrono Trigger Medley, which is also Orchestrated. It also came with some words from the composer himself, Yasunori Mitsuda.

“It’s hard to believe 13 years has gone by since Chrono Trigger was first introduced to the world, but I’m even more surprised this title has been blessed with so much endearment. At the time, all I could do was pour my heart and soul into creating the score for Chrono Trigger, and it came with great angst and gratification. I couldn’t even fathom how the audience would perceive it, nor did it cross my mind. But after 13 years, the reality that there are so many people who are still listening proves that every moment of my effort was worthwhile, and that the words and thoughts from everyone had a massive impact on my music composition, and for that, I am truly grateful.

“Music is a strange thing; for each person who listens, there is a different interpretation. I would be honored if those who have continued to love these songs would continue to love and feel the music of Chrono Trigger in their own way.”

~ Yasunori Mitsuda

So far, I’m 2 hours in the game. My last save was inside the prison cell after Crono is sentenced to prison. Anyway, time to point out some differences. The DS style battle system is weird. You choose commands on the bottom screen but then you need to quickly look at the top screen to choose a monster to attack. It’s like Diddy Kong Racing DS with it’s boosting system. Luckily, you can choose the Classic battle system, which is way better since you can see the enemies’ HP on the bottom screen.

You start out running and hold a button to walk on default, which is vice versa on the SNES and PS1 versions. Text is smaller which is understandable since this is a handheld game. There’s a small map on the bottom screen which will somewhat help new players but not as much. Revive has a new name, Athenian Water, Heal is Panacea, and Power Tabs are now Strength Capsules. Weird. After saving Marle, I slept at the southern most Inn in present day. After climbing out of our beds, Marle glitched out. She started walking outside the building with the blackness and on top of tables. Everything was back to normal after I exited the Inn.

And those are all the differences I noticed so far, coming from a hardcore Chrono Trigger fan.

Best DS game ever.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations is still the best North American non-ported DS game though, of course.

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