It seems like everyday is eventful, somewhat, so I might be making blogs more often.

Yesterday I helped get everything set up for a podcast at Spiral Mountain. I’m also trying to make the standards for the podcasts I edited before lower than they usually were. I’m aiming for a short and sweet time limit and not something over 2 hours. Recording will start this Friday at 12:00 PST.

I’ve also been working on scripts for a couple of Banjo-Kazooie videos at YouTube. One being an Anniversary video and another being the first episode of a new series of videos. I also need to finish this Senior Graduation video for school. Project J.J. is still underway and I’m going to need to subscribe to Xbox LIVE Gold again if I want to finish Retaking Liberty for Rooster because my subscription ran out today.

And that’s what sucks. Today, the day Soul Calibur is released for Xbox Live Arcade, my subscription runs out. Way to go, fate. I don’t even mind if I don’t play online; I just want the game on my 360 hard drive. Ah well. I should be getting paid today so it’s all good. I still need to buy tickets for Comic-con too…

And finally, the best news I’ve heard all day…


Ok, it’s not 100% confirmed but look at the facts. The webpage is The last initials are CTDS. Chrono Trigger DS, anyone? Also, if you visit the webpage, the tick noise is the same tick noise from Chrono Trigger!!! Hear for yourself.

If this doesn’t confirm some sort of Chrono Trigger game for the DS, I’d be really surprised… and disappointed…

Did I ever mention this Summer vacation is awesome?

Edit: 12:45 PM – Confirmed!!! Wooooooooooooooooot!!!

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