DDR Universe… finally in my posession

The bundle was pricey but I still bought it. After that I went to GameStop in my mall because I needed a 1600 point card. They didn’t have any so I made use of my time and reserved Pokemon Diamond and Grand Theft Auto IV. Both games should be sold out the first day they release but now I’m guaranteed a copy on day one. I put aside all my differences on GameStop because that’s the only store I know, around I live, that has a good reservation policy. Hopefully “the weather isn’t bad” when GTA IV is released. I also got my $5 back from another GameStop around where I live aka the GameStop that “didn’t put VCS in their system.” I trust the GameStop in my mall better. Are their computers connected to each other? Meh. Whatever. At least I’m guaranteed a copy of Pokemon and GTA IV.

Back to DDR Universe. I just got done playing a session. The graphics are amazing (for a DDR game). That means for flashing lights to distract you. I didn’t get to far into it’s mission mode because it’s super easy. I’ll play more later with a controller because I can’t stand playing Beginner Mode on a mat.

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