Finally, a good game for the Xbox 360. I bought it last week on Friday. Oh my god, this game is so awesome. I should be playing it right now but I’m already level 50 and I beat the game so the only things left to do is get more achievements like kill 53,000 something zombies and rescue like 20 people but I’ll do that later on tonight.

And, if you noticed, I wasn’t on the forums or on my computer at all last weekend because this game occupied all my time. Plus, my computer screwed up the day I bought it so I finally decided to format today. So that means I lost all my Banjo Videos! No! Good thing there’s this certain website that I know of where I can download videos from YouTube but it won’t download them on full resolution so that sucks.

…but I have Dead Rising! 😀

Other games that occupied my time were James Bond Everything or Nothing (co-op), Sonic Heroes (glitchiest game ever), and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat *inserts head banging smiley*

Well….I might not post today. I’ll just update the Respect System at GTA Legends, check all my e-mails, and then play some more Dead Rising. *inserts another head banging smiley*

…..and that’s it. Later!

Next on Wishlist:

Saint’s Row (X360)
Dance Factory (PS2)

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