Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday today! Yeah, I’m considered an adult now but I don’t expect to be treated differently. But I do expect to be treated differently from GameStop employees when I try to buy Resident Evil 5 next year. No more lying about my age!

Today, I took a photo for my ID card (I should be getting it in 10-60 days) and I rented Fallout 3 (Xbox 360).

A very good friend of mine, LerakoLanche, drew me this awesome piece of art:

“JO, What you give will always carry you. Tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems. It’s only a hole because you’ve exceeded higher ground! Go wherever your dreams take you!” Nice use of Alter Bridge and Billy Joel, Mic. I didn’t expect anyone would remember those quotes!

I’ll close this blog with a final *thumbs up* my years up to 18. Now onward… to the future!

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