Ex-Rare Employees Form New Studio

News – 10/15/11

Four ex-Rare employees recently formed a new video-game development studio called Starfire Studios.

The studio consists of Chris Tilston as the designer, Mark Edmonds as the programmer, and Ross Bury and Phil Dunne as the artists.

Mark Edmonds was the programmer for Rare’s first person shooters, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Chris Tilston was the programmer of Donkey Kong Country and lead designer, programmer, and producer of Killer Instinct and Perfect Dark. Ross Burt and Phil Dunne worked as artists at Rare.

Starfire Studios is scheduled release an Xbox Live Arcade game in the future.

You play as a rebel pilot who escapes the clutches of an evil admiral. The player controls a spaceship while traversing through an array of galaxies in an “always changing” dynamic environment. Players can connect with up to eight players for PvP-styled gameplay or four friends for online co-op.

Fusion Genesis will have six storylines you can choose from with up to 100 missions and spaceships. Over 1000 weapons will be available as you defend your base from invading fleets.

A Windows mobile game called Fusion Sentient was also announced but will be developed by a different unconfirmed studio. Players will be able to connect both games and trade items.

Check out the Fusion Genesis website for more in-depth information about the story, gameplay, characters, and factions.

Watch the official trailer of Fusion Genesis after the jump.

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