The Resident Evil 5 Demo just finished downloading. I played the first stage available, which was awesome, and went off to the best place in the world, school. After school, I played the second, and last stage, available in the demo and took off to my friend’s house. We watched Kung-Fu Hustle and played some RE5 Co-op, Garry’s Mod, and Left 4 Dead.

Saturday morning, I finished watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory directed by Tim Burton. I can’t really say if it’s better than the 1971 film. Some parts like the introduction and story outline were much better than Mel Stuart’s adaptation but it was also worse at some parts, like the boat scene and the lack of “You lose! Good day sir!”.

Later on, I rented WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009. The last Smackdown game I played was SvR 2007. I deliberately avoided SvR 2008 because of it’s lack of innovation, which the WWE Smackdown series started to lack after Here Comes the Pain. Gameplay mechanics are improved but there aren’t any innovative breakthroughs like in Shut Your Mouth. The Highlight Reel video editor is probably my favorite game mode for obvious reasons. Create-a-Finisher is lacking and should improve in the next game. Create-a-Superstar is the same as I remember it. This is my first Smackdown game with custom entrance music so I had a lot of fun creating me with “One Day Remains” playing in the background and Wilford Brimley with “The Beetis”. Smackdown 2009 surprised me and I might give it a purchase sometime in the future.

One my way back from renting Smackdown 2009, the last of my books (the others being the final 3 books in the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series) came in the mail.. the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Official Casebook Vol.1. Two copies actually came in when I only payed for one. Someone must have screwed up. I thought about giving it away but then I thought about how much this “Vol. 1” unused copy could be worth in years to come.

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