Farewell McDonalds (A Surprising Few Months)

To start things out, I’d like to discuss the last Nintendo Direct in September 2019, the one that announced what we all were waiting for… playing as Banjo & Kazooie in Smash! They were going to be available to download for Smash Ultimate on that same day. You see, a day before that Direct, I left my Nintendo Switch somewhere about 2 hours away with my girlfriend so she could play games while away. When she returned the next day, she didn’t have the Switch. The console and all it’s games were still 2 hours away. At first, it wasn’t a big deal because I could always go back someday, or they could’ve mailed it back to us, but because of Banjo, it became quite a big deal. The next day, the true gamer like I was went over there to retrieve my Switch. It was an experience I wish I could forget. Overall, Banjo, Hero, and Joker were great additions and I had fun playing as them in multiplayer.

Luck turned around in October when I was able to move out at a perfect time thanks to YouTube ad revenue. In July, I had a disagreement with my landlord, so I moved in with family. In October, my family had to move out, which was expected, so I did the same. Since then, my girlfriend and birds (a cockatiel and conure) have been adjusting at our new home. Just recently, my cockatiel found a perfect sleeping spot after trying at three other locations, my conure found time to be with me in the morning and at night, and my girlfriend and I have been figuring out things together financially. YouTube though, could be better. Which brings me to my next topic.

I haven’t had cable internet since December last year. It shut off because of a start up fee I still can’t afford. I’m looking at other options, but in the meantime, I’ve been using my girlfriend’s phone’s wifi hotspot. It’s data runs out after a certain amount is used, then it becomes the slowest internet since dial-up. So every video I uploaded (after I mistakenly uploaded a couple in January with the phone’s hotspot) have all been using the free fast wifi at McDonalds. All year, I’ve been using it to upload and download whatever I could. It was good exercise and not that long of a walk away, but I prefer using the internet at home. In the past month though, I’ve been starting to enjoy walking over there, filling up my phone with videos, and my life with time. But all of that has changed, hasn’t it?

It looks like the coronavirus, or covid-19, will spread to even more people these coming weeks and possibly months. There’s no telling what will happen, since we’re at the beginning stages, but if similar lockdowns like at Italy happen here, uploads will slow down until I have fast unlimited internet at home. McDonalds was fun while it lasted. But the show must go on!

That’s all for this blog. In these next coming entries, I plan to write about my thoughts, opinions, and personal stories involving different forms of media: music, video games, movies, television, and whatever else I can think of.

– JO

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