Part of what I said was I didn’t see any point in buying Super Paper Mario because of my Wii having black dots skim across the screen…

If you read my previous blog, I’m going to sell my shoebox full of neatly organized Pokemon cards to one of my relatives for $100. So, that’s great. Gaming money. Ok, seeing that the last time I bought a Wii game was in Janurary, I think I should fork over some cash to Nintendo to fulfil my Wii entertainment needs. I haven’t got the money yet so I thought it was time I should clean the spider webs off my Wii and try to finish Twilight Princess. I was hoping the the black dots/noise wouldn’t still be there.. but I was wrong.

I tried the same thing as before, I plugged the component cables into another tv. Same problem. I even tried it on my computer. Same Deal. One of my friends is gladly going to let me borrow his component cables to see if does the same thing but I haven’t got them yet.. and I highly doubt it has to do something about the wiring. I did some research and I found out the Wii’s video card. Sorry, I can’t find the link. Hopefully they’re wrong… hopefully.

If it’s my Wii, I don’t see any use in continuing. This is the first Nintendo console that screwed me over, in a set-record time of 7 months. My Nintendo 64 still works as if it were brand new. My GameCube still works except sometimes it doesn’t read discs correctly. My handhelds, from the GameBoy Color to Nintendo DS work fine. I was going to buy Mario Party 8. But now, I don’t see a use. I really want to play Resident Evil 4 but I’d hate having to blast Zombie’s heads off with black lines going across the screen. I’m going to call Nintendo tomorrow and see exactly what the problem is.

If anyone is wondering how my Wii screen looks, here’s an example on the menu:

Faultii Menu

You can get a better view of the black noise at the bottom of the screen.

Right now, I think I’m going to stick with PC and Handheld gaming. I’ve been dying to:

a.) Mod GTA: San Andreas
b.) Play Battlefield 2
c.) Play The Sims 2
d.) Play an addictive MMORPG

For handhelds:

a.) Play DJ MAX and DJ MAX 2
b.) Play Gitaroo Man Lives
c.) Play Ouendan and Ouendan 2
d.) Play Metroid Zero Mission
e.) Play handheld WarioWare games
f.) Play Animal Crossing: Wild World
g.) Play Phoenix Wright 1, 2, and 3
h.) Play Banjo Pilot

For Nintendo 64 games off eBay:

a.) Donkey Kong 64
b.) Conker’s Bad Fur Day
c.) Mario Kart 64

For now, the only games I’d play if my console catches on fire every 5 seconds are:

And lastly, I might use the rest of my money for camera equipment. It’s a tough choice..

I’ll think about it. The faulty console war continues!

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