After 2 and a half years I finally decided to buy Donkey Konga. I called my local GameStop to ask if they had a copy. They had 1 left in stock for $19.99 included with Bongos, new. I thought it would be around $30-$40. The manual was in Spanish…. the case had spanish subtitles… weird.

My friend also let me borrow Ratchet and Clank (which was highly recommended by Lerako). I should play it later on tonight.

With the last of my Christmas money, about $160 left, I’m in a tie with WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions…. I was kinda moving more to Wario, because I need a Wii game, but that’ll mean i’d have to buy another Wiimote… Wario (Nintendo) sure love their money….

I logged into GameSpot and checked my updates. Lost Planet got an 8.1 and WarioWare got a 9.1… Wario happens to be the first AAA for the Wii. I have plenty of 360 games I have’t beaten yet or gotten 100% completion in achievements…

So, in response to my last paragraph in last blog, I’ve decided to buy WarioWare Wii and a Wii controller (most likely with a nun-chuck). That’ll leave me with about $50….. I hope I have enough for Diddy Kong and DDR Universe in February.

March I need to buy Mario Party 8 and more Wii controllers.

April, Pokemon Diamond. June, Blue Dragon.. and so on and so forth….

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