First Experience with a Sony Playstation 3

I started playing some more WarioWare: Smooth Moves today. I played for a good 2 hours and I went to Target to go buy my Wiimote. I noticed a Playstation 3 right next to me. I asked if I can give it a try and the employee replied, “Ok, let me just reset it. It’s been freezing up all day.”

I tried the Motorstorm demo. I guess I was the first person to realize you can switch motion sensitivity on and off at the pause menu because he told me motion sensitivity wasn’t working. I tried the motion sensitivity for a bit because the controller was on one of those security things that keep the controller in tacked with the wall so I switched back to analog.

The first thing I noticed was the new R2 and L2 triggers. I didn’t care much about it though. The Motorstorm demo was kinda fun, but I’m having even more fun with WarioWare right now. After the second lap I had to leave.

Conclusion: Really good looking game. But it plays just like any other racing game would play like. Don’t expect anything entirely new besides the motion sensitivity.

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