Games I Played This Year And Should Finish

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (Wii) – I beat the main game, but now I’m playing some side challenges. I’m still trying to beat the last one, which is a boss rush. I got close several times because of it’s super touchy QTE inputs. The main game… let’s not talk much about the main game. When compared to the original, it’s really laughable. It’s like, how worse can it get, and I swear, everytime, it surprises me.

Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights (GCN) – I got pretty far in this, but not far enough. There is a lot more to explore and find thanks to it’s wrap system. It’s not a bad 3D platformer, I might have to go back to it since I’ve been catching up on the new “Guess Who?” series. They’re a lot better than the recent CG movie.

Star Fox Adventures (GCN) – I’m playing through this as an adult now, as opposed to renting it as an eleven year old and I understand the gameplay a lot more than I did when I was younger. I’m exploring new pathways and getting farther than I did before. It’s not a bad game like a lot of people say, but I’d say it’s worth grinding through if you’re a Nintendo or Rare fan. I gotta get back to it.

Sonic Shuffle (DC) – I played one level of this with my girlfriend, and it was one of the oddest experiences ever. I think “Sonic Adventure Fever Dream” is a good way to describe it. Here are a few of my tweets from the day I played it:

Sonic Heroes (PC) – This runs on my lower end laptop, and I thought that was interesting, so I started playing through it. Now, I’m actually close to completing it. When I was a kid, I did NOT like this game. I hated how the mechanics and camera were, but now, I can see past that all and enjoy the mess of a game it is. It was made for kids to be frustrated at, but for me, after the Adventure series, it felt like a rip-off. You can get it for like $20 now, which is more reasonable.

Brave Fencer Mushashi (PS1) – After learning about this while researching a favorite game, Threads of Fate, I had to give this one a go. I got one level in, learning how to use my abilities, but unfortunately, I got stuck. I think I should go back and try again, or look up a video guide next time I play. For now, it’s not a high priority on my list of games to play, but I’d like to finish this one before the year ends.

Parasite Eve (PS1) – I had this game installed on my PS3 for years. I bought it during a sale andthis year, I finally got to playing it after hearing about it in a podcast. I was somewhat impressed. For the time, it feels like a game that tried it’s best to stand out and succeeded. This game is high on my priority list of games to play, and I have an itch to get back into during the next few days.

After all this, I went back to my PS2 to revisit some WWE games and fighting games like several Capcom and SNK ones. Name it on PS1 and PS2 and I probably played it recently.

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