Today is Saturday, April 21, 2007. Yesterday, GTA Legends finished it’s 2nd Podcast. I’m still editing it but it shouldn’t take long. This show is far more shorter than the last one. I had a great time talking to Mosespippy, Raeget, and for the first time, Dado, or bureksasutlijom at GameSpot. I’m thinking of finishing the Recruitment Video tonight but it seems to early. I’m going to need to finish up on some features for the union so I can add them in the video.

Banjo-Kazooie videos will resume after GTA Legends’ videos. I thought up some new ideas. I just hope I can finish everything before my school’s summer break.

Just now I found out some wiseguy download my Banjo-Kazooie Rated E? video from YouTube and uploaded it to He uploaded it a few days after I uploaded it at YouTube. The guy who uploaded it was getting flamed. Wow. Seriously people. Learn how to take a joke. This was edited into his short description: ” EDIT: I didn’t make thisĀ (for all the people who keep saying I have too much time on my hands)”

As for GTA Legends….*fast voice* the top ten lists, podcasts, recruitment video, GTA Legends wiki, updated video archive, updated recruits guide, updated officers guide, GTA Legends Guides Archive, Saints Row Tournament *end fast voice* are all some things to expect in the very near future.

And for those who are curious:

Also, check out GTA Legends… or else…

..this guy will visit you at night.

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