I downloaded the Google Chrome beta (Google’s web browser) a couple days ago. Here’s what I think…

– Sleek design
– Is like IE, Firefox, and Opera’s baby… IE’s the mother.
– Is made by Google, and Google is god.
– The “Most visited websites” page is handy.
– Directly imports IE and FF bookmarks
– Directly imports passwords
– Pages load REALLY fast
– Isn’t ugly like some other web browsers

– No search engine on top right (I’m used to that with Firefox).
– Video embeds (such as YouTube and Revver) do not function well. Maybe I want to pause the video for a while… but that’s too much too ask.
– Apparently, fails in the security department. It is vulnerable to hackers.

And that’s my two cents. I don’t have Chrome set as my default browser for now (I’m using Firefox to type this) but I will consider using it again once it is out of beta.

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