Grunty’s Dark Spell – A Banjo-Kazooie Mod

Grunty’s Dark Spell is a Banjo-Kazooie rom hack in development by modder Fadida. There hasn’t been an update for seven months, but I’ve been meaning to talk about this mod since it has little coverage. The last video was uploaded on December 28th, 2019, showcasing the first level, Fungus Forest.

Based on what I’ve seen from every Fungus Forest video on the channel, it takes elements from Mumbo’s Mountain and puts it into this colorful mushroom-filled forest with a tree house and a giant tree that seems to grow over the ceiling. In one video, it appears Banjo is inside an enlarged version of the Great Deku Tree. The updates continued with model replacements using Gnawty, Nabnut, and a Jinjo.

The first video on the channel, Molten Mountain, is based on Hailfire Peaks. Inside a volcanic area, there is precision platforming and a Jiggy to collect. The sixth video on the channel, Reptile Ravine, is an update of the second video on the channel, Dino Canyon. It’s set to be the fourth level, and is a combination of Terrydactyland and Bubblegloop Swamp. Other things that stood out were enemy Tip-Tups, a giant Shrapnel, and Dippy the Diplodocus. The second to last video is a combination of Clanker’s Cavern and Glitter Gulch Mine called Creepy Cavern. One thing I’d say about that place is I’ve never seen anything flooded like that before.

This project began in 2017 with currently no release date. A four level demo is currently planned.

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