So October 31st, Vice City Stories release date, I call GameStop. I ask them if they have Vice City Stories. They say they should get it later on that day. So I go, they say they didn’t get their shipment. The next day, November 1st, I find out they actually did get the shipment in, they we’re just too lazy to put the game in their system. I didn’t matter though because I had VCS! I’m up to like half way of the game finished right now. I should be able to complete this this weekend. I could have finished it earlier, there were just to many stuff happening at that time. I just wish my friends bought this game. Xbox 360 games are too in the way for them..

That’s not all. Today, I took my first step into “Touch Generation gaming” (and Dino Master doesn’t count) by buying Elite Beat Agents, a game I’ve been hyping since June. This game is really fun and addicting. It’s like DDR on the go! It uses the touch screen really well.

Also, after school, I went to my friends house. He invited me to go play Gears of War with some other friends. I had to take a risk and bring my 360 controller. It’s a pretty fun game. Lots of gore. Yep. I think it may have moved up on “maybes” on my List. One thing that did bother me was it was hard to tell enemies and allies apart from each other. Everything is so gray in that game… but it’s still fun, I give it that. Co-op is awesome.

I also had the chance to play Excite Truck at GameStop today!  The Wiimote takes time to get used to though. At first I was crashing into trees but after trying a couple times I finally got the hang of it. Definitely a future purchase.

Got Mayfield Four – Fallout from Amazon today.

Now Listening to: 12/31 – The Mayfield Four

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