Back when I was in 4th grade (around 2000-2001), I watched a friend’s brother play this really interesting adventure/RPG on the PS1. I never had the opportunity to play it but from what I’ve seen, it looked fun, especially with the Gameshark codes he was using. After that friend moved away, I never really gave that game much thought. I forgot the name but whenever I try to remember it, I recall a female protagonist with pigtails who attacked with a set of rings and flashy magic moves (well, flashy at the time at least). She journeyed through a town, a forest, and a ship.

Last year, I Googled the details but to no avail (thanks for nothing Google). Last night, feeling more determined, I described the game to a friend who was more of a PS1 gamer than I was. It didn’t ring a bell but he said it sounded a lot like a Square game. I checked Wikipedia for a list of Square games developed on the PS1 which led me to a game called Threads of Fate. After watching the intro at YouTube, I was 100% this was the game that was shrouded in the shadows of my memories all these years..

After some research, Threads of Fate is apparently a “cult classic”, which by my definition means “obscure game/movie that gained recognition by a small group of people.” It’s new for about $60 at Amazon (dayum) but luckily Walmart had a lower price. I played for about 30 minutes and it’s exactly how I remember, and to top it off, it’s pretty damn fun. Mint is hilarious, not in a ROFLCOPTER way but in a smart alec/stuck up way. It feels so great finally being able to play this game. 😀

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