I played the Saint’s Row demo today.

I just played the Saints Row demo today. Started downloading at 2:00 AM, or was it 3? Anyway, my slowas hell connection goes like 1% every 2 minutes, yes its that bad. I fell asleep and woke up like around 10 to see my game finally downloaded. Here’s are my comparisons from GTA.

When you first start out the game you create a character. You can choose from being caucasian, African American, whatever you are. There werent that much customizable options because this was the demo version so I’m looking forward to seeing more in original game.

The first thing I noticed was the weapon selection menu. You dont toggle along weapons like in GTA. Like in GTA when you skip a weapon accidently you dont have to press R2 8 times again. Instead in Saints Row you hold down the B button, (which is like the O button for you non-xbox ps2 folks out there) and you use the left analog stick to choose a weapon. It kinda looks like a wheel but it makes real time weapon change much easier and faster.

Running over people actually looks like you ran them over. It looks very realistic, more relaistic than GTA. Pedestrians dont hold money in this game but its only demo so we’ll just have to wait and see.

You have full weapon control when drving a car. So its makes a drive-by more easier unlike in GTA where you have to press R2 or L2.

The pedestrains are far more smarter. Well of course they are, it is next gen after all. If you scare them, they run away and if they run too fast they’ll actually slip to the ground giving you an oppurtunity to kill them. Yes, I’m evil like that. No running into walls or open water in this game. And, I also forgot to mention that if there’s a fence nearby and your chasing after a ped they’ll actually climb over it. I dont recall seeing that in San Andreas.

There is no auto-targetting in this game but that’s not a bad thing. You have full weapon control so you can shoot someone right behind you or to the side without having the camera stay behind your character.

One thing I can’t wait for is online. And I really wanna get into the story even more.

Oh yeah, and there were a few bugs and glitches in the demo version but they’re really rare. I filmed one: http://s24.photobucket.com/albums/c42/ThumbsUpMaster/Grand%20Theft%20Auto/?action=view&current=MPEG0030.flv
(I had a hard time filming and playing at the same time but it still looks ok. Low resolution for filmin straight to the tv)

All in all, this game is still a GTA knock off but it’s actually a good GTA knock off!

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