Elite Beat Agents. Hard ROCK Mode. Jumpin Jack Flash. MISSION COMPLETE.

JO: I might as well kill some time while my computer is rebooting.
*opens DS*
JO: Hmmm.. Elite Beat Agents? Ok.
*plays last level with the Divas*
[After a few tries… I COMPLETED IT]

On to Ouendan!

I’ll kill two birds with one stone and talk about a few other things.

I just found out Puddle of Mudd’s newest album will release July 31st and that they just released a new single called “Famous.”

The Super Smash Bros. Dojo update was a bummer. Menu 1 music is cool. They also have a Chrono Trigger musician casted as one of the composers for the game. Awesome. I like CT’s music.

Villanjo’s newest video, The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Smash (Part 13), rocks. I like how he edits his videos and how he uses the camera.

I met a Japanese guy on Uno.

And that’s it.

Next: Ouendan and Ouendan 2.

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