I Wonder What’s for Dinner…

Well, today was Thanksgiving and what a thankful day it was! If you didn’t find out already, I got a domain name for The Thumbs Up Club on November 17th last week (last Saturday). This was an early birthday gift from my aunt and I owe her a lot for it.

I finally got the forums working today with the help of Dragon Kazooie and Proboards. I couldn’t use any forum scripts because they require mySQL and the package that was purchased with my domain doesn’t support mySQL. Oh well, I can live. Kazooie helped tremendously with the coding of the forum so I also owe him a lot for taking the time to help me out. We currently have 11 members with the total of 56 posts and 11 topics! Pretty good for the first day, eh?

The main layout of the site was carefully thought out and I think I did a good job with it. Goombastic helped with the table alignments (because I hate working with tables) and answered my questions via pm (thanks!). The rest of the pages will be added very soon. Most likely by this weekend.

And because it’s Thanksgiving, here are my thanks:

My Friends: For making my time on the internet enjoyable. Thanks a bunch!
My Family: For supporting me and always caring for me.
Video Games: Without you, I wouldn’t even be here!
Music (some rock): For knowing there are people out there that share the same thoughts as me.
Music (VG Remixes and Trance): For your soothing sounds that relax my soul…
Death Note: For having a really deep meaning.
Skype and MSN Messenger: For bringing the online community closer to each other.
Sony Vegas: Because you’re not Windows Movie Maker.
Photoshop: Because you’re not Paint (but Paint still owns!!!!).
Super Mario Galaxy: For proving the 3-d platforming genre isn’t dead.

I just wish everyone is thankful everyday and not just on Thanksgiving.



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