The time frame from SSNS and BK 300 was long and I’m sorry about that. I edited SM Radio during that time. Now that that’s over with, and BK 300, I can work on my other videos I have planned. Now, if your sitting there thinking why I take so long, it’s because I work on multiple things at the same time so I don’t have to work as much in the future. Sounds stupid but I get bored working on the same thing for a long period of time. So, whatever date Rated E? – Part 2 comes out, some of the video clips were probably created in July. Weird, eh?

But I will guarantee one thing. These videos I’m working on will all be finished before the 4th quarter because if I don’t finish them before school (really) starts, then I’ll lose all will to do anything and vanish from the internet (ok maybe not but it’ll suck). Hell, maybe they’ll be finished this month. Let’s see how things play out.

Gaming. I just finished playing the BioShock Demo right now… and… wow. That game is awesome! I’m not very big with first person shooters but, wow, this game just beats the crap out of that generic FPS people like to call Halo. Bioshock just bumped Blue Dragon, DDR Hottest Party, and 2,000 new Wii points out to some later purchase date. I’m going to reserve my copy of BioShock whenever I get a chance.

Why is it great? First is the ambiance. The first thing I did when I booted up the demo (which took forever to download) was turn off all lights in my room. It was around 4 AM. From when you first enter the elevator to when you enter the interiors of Rapture is a spine-chilling experience. Second is strategy. For example, early in the game you gain this really cool electric shock attack (forgot what it was called). If there are any enemies near water, then you should know what to do from there. Third is the AI. How they react to the environment brings this connection to the player and the player’s environment. How they react in situations, like creeping up behind them with a wrench makes you feel like there more than just CPU’s that run up to you and try to kill you.

My Nintendo Wii – I still haven’t received it yet. Catalyst Media Center – still not recording sound. Project 64 – still crappy and freezes. Damn random Dragon Kazooie’s have to come out of nowhere and freeze the game! These problems will soon be resolved… eventually… hopefully.

Tl;dr: Well too bad. Stop being lazy!

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