So what happened today? Raeget, Mosespippy, and I started working on GTA Legends Radio which is basically a podcast we are hosting for GTA Legends. Anyone can join, as long as they have a microphone or a working telephone. We got a lot more than we expected. Moses had to leave to school which left me and Raeget. We got mostly off-topic discussion recorded. Moses came back from school and we chatted a bit more about GTA IV, like about 2 hours before the trailer was shown. When the time finally came, wasn’t loading, I’m assuming, due to all the traffic/people viewing the site all at once. So we waited… again. Raeget had to leave but soon came back. I finally got the video to load at GTA Legends’ was hectic! Probably the most active we have ever been all year, close to New Years activity. We had our final word about the trailer and the podcast should be up at GTA Legends by tomorrow. I have to edit a few parts out and add music effects.

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