Last Thursday, I finally bought a video camera. I’ve been wanting one for a while so I’m glad I finally own one. It’s a Canon Powershot A720 IS. It’s pretty decent. It’s not crappy like the other camera I borrowed and it’s not a top-notch video camera used to shoot high-profile movies.

I’ve just been shooting random stuff lately but I do plan to make “original” videos for my YouTube channel in the near future. My first video I shot with this camera and uploaded to the internet wasn’t planned or scripted. It was a random call to Pizza Hut my friend did but with a disguised voice… we tend to do this every weekend and this is the first time I actually filmed one. I didn’t upload to YouTube but rather to MySpace TV. I found uploading it to there more suiting than my YouTube channel. I filmed on Friday and uploaded on Saturday.

Random Facts:
– I’ve been updating my Blogspot recently. Amazing site. Highly recommended.
– I played a PS3 for the 2nd time on Friday. The game was Ratchet and Clank: ToD. Really fun.
– I found out I can use my camera to record what’s on my TV. gb TV Tuner Card and Dazzle…
– I think the Brawl OST is amazing.
– I finally played Contra 4 and Cooking Mama 2 for the DS. Great games to play when you are extremely bored.
– I also played Hotel Dusk for the DS. It plays almost like Phoenix Wright.
– Google Adsense is taking forever to respond.
– As soon as I get Adsense activated, I will apply for YouTube’s Partner Program.
– I will also get a bank account and Paypal for eBay.
– I just checked my Gmail right now and my Google Adsense account is activated!
– I found that kinda ironic.

Until next time…

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