Hello, and welcome back to my blog. 2005 was an okay year. It went out smoothly. Let me recap what happened by months, like what my friend r9 did to his journal.

January – I started going to Campus Life, but I stopped going during April. And I had enough money to buy my favorite rock band’s CD, Alter Bridge: One Day Remains.

Febuary – My great great grandmother passed away. I still miss her.

March – A wasted month. I was mostly rehearsing for my upcoming play.

April – Easter, Spring break, all that good stuff.

May – I posted my first account post on GameSpot as the registered name, edgemeister. Rooster and Appalo were playing this role playing game. The next day, I performed in a play called, Little Shop of Horrors. Most schools have this play. It was performed at Broadway and is also a very good movie. I was the protagonist’s “father”, Mr. Mushnik so feel free to call me Mr. Mushnik around GameSpot if you want to annoy me. I got eaten by a giant singing plant. Then I joined the highest level GTA Union, the GTA Legends Union.

June – I graduated and watched Mr and Mrs Smith in the theaters. It’s still one of my favorite movies. That movie theater owned! It had a DDR machine!

July – That one day with the fireworks and everybody gets drunk. What’s it called again? Oh yeah. Independence Day.

August – I found out Rooster’s computer broke. Oh well, his loss.

September – I started high school! It was awesome to see some old friends from like elementary school. I made a lot new friends too. I also thought it was like a new beginning so I started a new account with the name that’ll always live with me, Thumbs Up Master.

October – GameSpot shuts down.

November – Um…that one day where you eat a dead bird, watch football, family gets drunk and usually gets in fights. Whats it called again? O yeah. Thanksgiving.

December – My B-Day started off the month. I turned 15. Then I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas and The Thumbs Up Club was formed @ GameSpot.

January – Well, I’m typing this.

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