Killer Instinct 3 referenced in Official Xbox Magazine?

Ok, so check this out:

People have been speculating about what OXM possibly could be talking about. A killer sequel? A spectacular reboot? It must be Killer Instinct, right?!
Rare has been teasing Killer Instinct 3 for a long time. It started with a few innocent quips here and there, but lately Killer Instinct has been more of a joke to Rare like Stop n Swop. Remember all the KI3 jokes in Nuts & Bolts? Was the Christmas card with the KI logo foreshadowing a series reboot, or will KI continue to be a joke as bad as Stop n Swop was?
On Wednesday,  March 21st, we’ll find out what exactly this “killer sequel” is. But Killer Instinct? I’ll be crossing my fingers, but I won’t hold my breath.

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