I moved. Again. I’ve only been at my 2nd house for a little over a year and we moved. It was September 13th when we started moving everything out of the house into our new house (which is only about a block away). Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid to move to a house that’s a 5 minute walk away but that’s the way things are. Our air conditioner broke and it cost $6,000 to repair it and apparently it’s cheaper to just buy a new house (though the monthly fees will add up to more than $6,000 in a few months time).

Oh, moving. How I hate moving… I hate it even more now since my computer desk broke while being moved to the trailer. The left side of it came apart. Luckily it was fixed…. if you call putting a piece of wood under the broken part of the desk in order to keep it standing “fixed”. Hey, works for me.

The window in my room has a nice view this giant hole on a brick wall that separates our backyard and the street. The hole was made by some idiot in a car who decided to back up into the wall. The town said they will fix it but that obviously hasn’t happened yet. This town sucks. But besides that, I like my new room. There is a lot more space than my previous room.

I didn’t have internet ’till that following Wednesday (September 17th) but I was prepared. I bought an external hard drive just in case something stupid happened to my computer while moving (I needed one anyway). I continued reading my book from the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series, Code Name Cassandra. I watched BanjoKatzooie’s (Dragon’s) Pokemon Snap play-through. I watched Bridge to Terabithia – amazing film. And I watched the first 14 episodes of The Daughter of Twenty Faces – awesome mystery anime. There was also a few DS games here and there, most notably, Rhythm Tengoku Gold.

The following weekend, I tried out Mercenaries 2 for the Xbox 360, courtesy of Rooster. The physics are so realistic. Afterwards, I watched a second half of this movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, and Justin Timberlake called Black Snake Moan.

Anyway, I’m gonna play 8-player Bomberman Live system link and Rock Band 2 tomorrow and probably watch Wanted.

Has anyone heard of Quarantine? I wonder if it will live up to [REC]…

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