After I finished Banjo-Kazooie: Rated E? – Part 2, I decided to finish watching Death Note. My friend introduced me to it a little before Summer Vacation started but I couldn’t find the time to watch the rest of the episodes. I finally found the opportunity about a week ago. Death Note is like Case Closed but with a more serious atmosphere and more linear to the storyline. I love the mind tricks and how, the main character, Light gets himself out of situations. There are those priceless “OWNED!” moments that make the anime fun to watch. Oh… and I heard Death Note is going to air on [adult swim] soon so if you’re too lazy to watch the English sub-titled episodes, you can always tune in once a week on [adult swim] starting later this month.

Alter Bridge’s and Puddle of Mudd’s newest albums will release simultaneously on October 9th. I’m going to pre-order Alter Bridge’s Album, Blackbird, at because it comes with a Exclusive Bonus DVD and being a hardcore AB fan, I must buy it. Puddle of Mudd’s album, Famous, won’t have any cool DVDs so I’m going to buy it the old fashioned way, at a real life store.

Speaking of spending cash, in about a week, I’ll be able to play Ouendan, Phoenix Wright, and many other DS games. I’ve been waiting for this day for too long… about freakin’ time too.

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