It turned out to be an awesome day! ^_^ Probably the best day of 2005 for me. I’ll do a little review on the stuff I got.

DDR Extreme 2: The best DDR game I ever played. Especially with my new DDR controller. The one I had before was basically crap, it moved all around the floor. Now that I have the original dance pad, I’m getting A’s left and right. Captain Jack’s song is probably the best song to dance to.

The Sims 2 (psp): Wow. This game is amazing. I took the personality test and it all came out true!

Burnout Legends (psp): Just imagine playing Burnout on a console and being able to take it anywhere you want! I just love crashing into cars and blowing each other up on the go! Any psp owner should not ignore buying this game.

SmackDown VS Raw 2006 (psp): Finally a WWE game with good 3D graphics on a portable device. Its good to take on the go if you already have SmackDown vs Raw 2006 on the PS2. The graphics aren’t as good as the PS2 version but you cant compare a portable and a console. The graphics are awesome for a portable device. The annoying commentary was taken out and the fans were rendered down a bit. All in all, its still an awesome game.

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