My New Fat PlayStation 2

The past few weeks gave me a lot of time to think, and have a lot of fun with a ton of work involved. They say with enough determination, anything is possible, but one thing that seems to be impossible is complete serenity. That doesn’t matter to me, though, as I look forward toward the rest of the year, and I hope I can simply continue working hard to keep on living like I am now.

I acquired a PS2 a few weeks ago for a few reasons. I owned three PS2’s before: I had 2 fat ones that I had to leave behind in 2015. One was my own, cosmetically modded with a flip top for Swap Magic, and the other was a spare. I had a slim I hardly used in 2017, I had to sell it in order to move. So since 2018, I haven’t had any kind of PS2. About this time last year, I began emulating PS2 games on my PS3, but one video game series that doesn’t work at all on PS3 is one of my favorites, the PS2 Dance Dance Revolution games.

DDR will run, work with any normal controller, but won’t work at all with a dance pad controller linked with an adapter. Some PS2 games through the emulator have performance issues. So I weighed my options about purchasing a Wii or Xbox 360 again, but I decided to get back into DDR after a decade of no dance dancing. And DDR on PS2 is extremely memorable for me. Nostalgia overload. After plugging in my new PS2, I remembered about the on/off switch in the back, I completely forgot about it. It honestly took me back for a second, because I haven’t used an original fat PS2 since 2015, and my memory cards proved it. I was playing some of my favorites games on May 2015, but I had to leave that console behind.

My life and the gaming things I’ve owned is a complicated mess. I even need to rebuy my dance controllers. I left them behind in 2013 when I moved, hoping my family would eventually mail them to me but they were probably sold. Do you know how much those things cost now? You won’t find peripherals like guitar controllers for cheap anymore. Luckily, I found a local buyer who sold me a Red Octane dance pad for only five dollars.

Something else I’d like to do on my CRT TV is play the WWE games I mentioned in a previous blog with my original memory cards. But there is one problem, a PS1 controller I bought last year has a desyncing problem not present with the dance pad controller, and with my wrestling games, the game pauses whenever the controller is unplugged, even if it’s for the smallest second. To solve this issue, and to play multiplayer games with my girlfriend like The Warriors and Gauntlet, I bought a couple third party controllers for a price that I believe was a typo in my favor. To complete the experience, I finally rebought a couch (cheap and local) to go with N64 and PlayStation gaming time. Yesterday, I played about an hour of Super Mario 64 casually, and if this is how the rest of my life is going to be without the newest consoles or gaming PC, then I’m fine with this for how ever long it lasts.

– JO

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