New Website Version 5.7

Hey, JO here with yet another blog but the first one on my new domain, THE THUMBS UP DOT CLUB. I saw “.club” and had to get it. Welcome to my new website! I have everything I ever made posted here, but this time I made something we all can have fun using (instead of just me).

After signing up, you can comment on posts, create new topics at our forum, and use all of our community features. This will all be part of the main website design and mobile layout.

First you have your basics: a profile with an avatar, private message system, notifications, and post stats. In addition, there are groups based on particular topics. For example, we have Banjo-Kazooie, Rare, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Rom Hacking, Conker, Donkey Kong, Yooka-Laylee, and Sea of Thieves groups. While we have our Main Forums and Group Forums, users can also create their own group and forum if desired. If a new forum is chosen, they will be filed under User Group Forums. Users can also send messages to each other within our Chat room and Activity stream.

Our Mumbo Token System is our points system. You are awarded tokens by performing different actions across the site like viewing pages and commenting. More tokens will be given when you refer a member to the site and by logging in daily. You can use tokens to buy digital items at our Market Square like sound effects and wallpapers. Another feature we have is gifts. This is a simple messaging system but you can choose one of our available images included with your a message and an option to send it to any user. Tokens are not required to send gifts. Badges are items you gain by performing different website tasks. The last forum feature is the rank system, which is based on post and topic count. These will be designated by Banjo-Kazooie enemies (Colliwobble, Ticker, Zubba, etc.) on your profile and topic replies. More will be added in the future.

There are several main site extras without interacting with the community. My videos will now be easier to find with TTUC’s new category and tag search form. You will be able to navigate through all topics covered along with what kind of content it is, or what’s in it. The main site’s Downloads page has video downloads, GameShark codes, and 3D models. Finally, my Etsy shop is the same as a few years ago, and so is my Twitch stream.

I’ve been working on this site for the past month, and I’m proud at how it came to be. I just like the fact that I have an online hub for my subscribers, not a lot of channels have these kind of websites.

Expect a lot more content in the next following months, not necessarily bear and bird videos!

Oh yeah… there might be some mystery items and things screaming help floating around here. Keep on eye out for those.

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