My “Next-gen” video-game collection currently stands at:

Xbox 360: 2 wireless controllers, 1 DDR Pad, Dead Rising, Saints Row, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007, Gears of War, Viva Pinata

Wii: 2 Wii Remotes, 2 Nunchucks, Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Last year, I was switching back and forth on what I should get like in my Wii or no wii blog. I always told myself to follow my instincts. If I were to say I want a game right now then I won’t regret buying it. For instance, the games I want to play now list I created last year is almost complete. Each one of those games I have played, listed, I have enjoyed, no matter what some video-game reviewing site said. There are two reasons why I decide to buy a game. (1) It is a sequel to a game I liked before and (2) I have seen gameplay videos and it looked awesome. Now that I have actually seen gameplay videos from some games and/or trailers, I’m going to alter my “games I want to play now” list a bit in this blog.

Pokemon Diamond

Unlike other people who seemed to have drifted away from the series, I’m not afraid to admit I still play Pokemon (handheld) games. The day Firered/Leafgreen came out, you should have seen the kids secretly playing with their Gameboy Advance SP’s after school while waiting for a bus or ride. The pokemon craze is still alive. People are just too afraid to admit they like it. I blame the anime series, the Pokemon lunchboxes and baseball caps. It sends an image to other people that Pokemon is a kiddy game. But if you actually play the game, it’s an awesome RPG surely a 3 year old can’t beat. I can assure you this game, and Pearl, will sell out at it’s release date. I can count the people with the sunglasses and hats that walk into GameStop and buy a copy.

Blue Dragon

From three of the creators of Chrono Trigger, and three DVDs *hrm*, Microsoft’s hope to boost Japanese sales for the Xbox 360 *hrm* *hrm*, Blue Dragon! Blue Dragon is an RPG which I hope can level up to, one of my all-time favorite and probably my #1 favorite game of all time, Chrono Trigger. The game was going to be released in June but got pushed to August… now what am I going to entertain myself during the summer? More YouTube videos? Ugh…

 Burnout 5 (working title)

This is one of those games where I don’t care if I haven’t seen a gameplay video and/or any images. If it’s going to be any good than Burnout 3 or Burnout Revenge, then I’m buying! I hope EA brings Revenge’s online features to it’s 5th Burnout installment because I have never tried Revenge on Xbox 360… yet.

¬†Assassin’s Creed

Ah, yes. Assassin’s Creed. Thank you from coming to the 360. It wasn’t a surprise when you became multiplat but I’m still glad you did. You’re like Hitman, Shadow of the Colossus, and PoP mixed in one. I just hope you don’t get delayed to 2008.

 Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield 2 was freekin’ awesome, and still is. Battlefield: Bad Company is taking a different approach to the Battlefield series. This time, there will be an actual storyline with 2 guys, a dude with a beanie and a guy that looks like Tenpenny. You can also destroy anything! ANYTHING! *shoots cameraman* HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…. not really… think of better jokes, EA. That trailer was embarrassing. I can’t wait for the game though!

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

This blowing anything up fad rocks! I like the first Mercenaries, even though I never owned it. I played it at my friends house. I’m the kind of gamer that likes seeing things blow up, people fall from high places, and just destruction in general. Merceneries 2 shall, hopefully, fill that void with next-gen visuals (I guess, whatever they call them) and achievements points. I have a feeling earning achievement points in this game won’t be a boring task (again, hoping).

DDR Hottest Party

Hmmm… A DDR games that just doesn’t involve feet this time. Interesting. I never owned an Eyetoy so this should be a new experience for me. Let’s just hope it isn’t noobified to younger audiences like DDR Mario Mix. Oh yea, and please NO MARIO in this game. Let Mario play Soccer and Board games or anything else Nintendo can think of to whore the Mario name with, leave Mario out of DDR!

Super Mario Galaxy (working title)

This atmosphere of this game reminds me a lot of Super Mario Sunshine, which didn’t live up to SM64 btw. Meh, whatever. I’m predicting an AAA game here. I’m also predicting Bowser will be the final boss and Princess Peach will get kidnapped. Yup.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

My #1 hyped game for the Wii! Super Smash Bros. with online play = awesome. Motion sensing = not awesome. Please, let us use Gamecube controllers! And I hope Dr. Mario returns. If not, then Agent J will be awesome….

Grand Theft Auto IV

Ok, Rockstar… the IV logo’s are getting old. I can’t wait ’till the debut trailer! The downloadable episodic content in 2008 should also be awesome.

Banjo-Kazooie 3 (working title)

Banjo… why are you so.. blocky? Why do you have small eyes? What’s with that smile? WTF happenned to Kazooie?! Next-gen makeover? What was so wrong with “conker-ing” the old look and just enhance the fur? Gosh! RareWare nowadays! I’m still buying it because (a) I’ve been waiting 6 freekin’ years for it and (b) it’s a Banjo game. Is this a 07 or 08 release? Hmmm… *waits*

Well, that’s it for my To Get List. I uploaded a new video a few days ago. It’s talks about the different cameos in Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie. Watch it here.

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