Wario is Iwata in disguise! Take GameCube hardware, add a $40-$60 controller to it, create a Virtual console shop with games that take absolutely no money to make, and you have yourself a Nintendo Wii.

I bought WarioWare: Smooth Moves today for about $50. I’ll make it simple, this game is too addictive! I would be playing it right now but one of my relatives wanted to play Guitar Hero. I only got like 20 minutes of game time into it.

Past Wario experiences: I first played Wario Land on the Game Boy. It was fun so I bought Wario Land 4 later for Gameboy Advance, which was basically the birth of the WarioWare series. I friend later bought WarioWare Touched for DS. I played it whenever I got the chance. You gotta love the intro cinema on that game. So ironic.

So if i want to play multiplayer on WarioWare: Smooth Moves, I need another Wii Remote. I tried GameStop. None. But they had 1 Nunchuck so I bought it. I don’t need to be looking for another Nunchuck in the future.

My Nunchuck is just sitting on my shelf right now, un-opened, because it’s basically useless until I buy a Wii Remote. GameStop said they’ll be selling Wii Play with a Wii Remote soon for the low price of $40…… until someone else said they weren’t taking anymore reservations…!

*sigh* Wii Remotes were no where to be found… until I called Target. They claim they have some in stock.. so I’m gonna go there tomorrow. $40 for the remote. Plus the $20 I payed for the Nunchuck. Plus $50 I played for the game. Plus the price of more Wii Remotes in the future. I don’t need anymore Nunchucks right now (2 is all I need for Wii Sports Boxing).

Nintendo. I hope your happy. Why must you make fun games? Why?!

I’m nearly broke right now. Only about $30. I reserved Diddy Kong Racing DS. DDR Universe at Amazon.com has a price of $79.99.

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