I played Rhythm Tengoku Gold last September but couldn’t get passed the 2nd stage (due to the instructions being in Japanese.. and it was hard to infer what to do) but fortunately, Nintendo ported it to the US on April 5th, under the name Rhythm Heaven.

Rhythm Heaven – simply put – is full of so much charm and spark. The amount of quirkiness and addictiveness the WarioWare team put into this game makes me want go back and play even more. If you’re a rhythm action game fan and/or someone waiting for Elite Beat Agents 2 or Ouedan 3, this is definitely a must buy.

The experience of trying to complete a stage you’re stuck on and finally completing it is always an awesome moment. It’s like a reminiscence of every other innovative rhythm game I played in the past like Gitaroo Man, EBA, Ouendan, and (my beginning stages of) DDR. This is one of the few DS games that puts a smile on my face whenever I play it.

I completed Rhythm Heaven before school ended and loved every second.

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