For 15 years, I’ve been active on YouTube, and it looks like I’m going to keep doing this and see where it leads. I currently have 9,300 subscribers and plan to reach 10,000 by the end of the year. There has been ups, downs, highs, and lows, but my channel right now is at a great place when compared previous years, better in views with a more consistent flow in numbers. I plan to keep this up and possibly make it better this year.

But what about Banjo-Kazooie? An amiibo just released, alongside YouTooz figures. Neat! There are rom hacks by talented fans that I’d like to play and continue as well. Lately, as said in my previous blog entry, I’ve been playing original games on real hardware. I just got my N64 set up after a long hiatus, so I’ve been binging it. All my N64 games have been demoed, but I recently played through Banjo-Kazooie for like the 10th time and am saving the final boss for a future live stream.

All of March, I’ve been doing a lot of two things: playing wrestling video games and watching wrestling. It was hard to accept that I was getting back into it, but it’s no surprise since WrestleMania is soon. I watch more than just WWE like AEW and Impact. It’s great to have shows to look forward to. A lot of other shows have been losing my interest, so going back to this feels right. It was a big part of my life and I think it sucks that I stopped watching around 2018. I started watching again around October/November last year when I heard Orton was a world champion again but became a fan of McIntyre pretty quickly, although I did like his entrance song from 2011. AEW and Impact also have entertaining wrestlers and matches, at times better than WWE. Currently, I like that Edge is back and I can’t wait to see him beat that whiner Bryan (sorry Bryan fans) and wannabe Reigns (not sorry)!

As for the wrestling video games, they were amazing and then the next generation of consoles happened. The Smackdown vs Raw series from 2008 to 2011 were very decent, passable games. When WWE ’12 was released, it showed a promising future, but they all became the same game with roster updates. When 2K happened, WWE 2K14, it was just like WWE ’13 with a different coat of paint. I like how customizable they are but the gameplay is so boring. I’d rather grapple with the right control stick. I never played 2k15 until recently and I laughed at how bad the presentation was. I’m glad I listened to the reviews back then. I actually did own 2K16 though, and it was the same boring game, but slightly more entertaining because the showcases focused on Austin, which gave it a Road to WrestleMania vibe. I don’t like what they did with 2K17 on the PS3, which was add nothing to it. PS4 and Xbox One have a career mode, which I demoed on the Xbox One’s game pass with 2K17 and was not impressed. I heard 18, 19, and 20 were also just copies of each other, but someday I’m going to try them out, if I rebuy an Xbox One or find a Series X somewhere. I’ll go more in-depth in another blog.

Recent favorite songs: In Stride & The Ides of March by Myles Kennedy

That’s all for now. More video game opinions soon, I promise. Have a great Easter Sunday!

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