Today marks the day I signed up with the name “ThumbsUpMaster” 3 years ago at GameSpot. I first signed up sometime in late May 2005 as “edgemeister” but decided to create a new account because I was slowly disliking what “edgemeister” was based off of (pro-wrestling).

School started last week. It was ok. Better than I expected. And, I’d hate to say it but, I prefer school days over weekends now… The days go by so much slower. The best class is by far Forensic Science… it makes the Ace Attorney court system seem like a joke. After my normal classes, I work backstage for Stage & Theatre and will “show my talents” later on in the semester.

I received Pump it Up Exceed in the mail a few days ago. Fast shipping! The game itself is hard to get used to since I’m so used to the 4 panel mat in DDR but it’s a cool experience.

There She Is – Step 4 was released about a week ago at Sambakza’s website and …. wow … that’s all I have to say. O_O

[REC] is an awesome movie.

And finally, Chrono Trigger DS will be released on November 25th this year, nearly a week before my birthday. The final game I buy before I become 18 is my favorite game of all time… weird. The Japanese will receive the game on a later date (shock) but, in return, the game will be bundled with a orchestrated album of the music in Chrono Trigger, composed my Mitsuda himself (lucky)…

Speaking of Chrono Trigger music… this is awesome. PAX is looking a lot better than Comic-con…

Blog is short. I know. I’m tired. School is tomorrow.. leave me alone.

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