GameSpot: I just uploaded the vids I had on YouTube to GlitchSpot. I say GlitchSpot because first I had to download them from YouTube in FLV format and convert them using Total Video Converter. When I tried uploading, it said that I must be a plus or total access member… so I converted them to a different format. When I converted Mad Monster Mansion and uploaded it to GlitchSpot, I found out it only took about 1 minute of video fottage. I later found out Total Video Converter only converted FLV’s to MPEG’s to about 1 minute. And if the original video input was 1 minute then TVC will just convert it without audio. So I was forced to use AVI’s which made my video’s look crappy.

I uploaded Jolly’s Juice, Mad Monster Mansion, and my Saint’s Row Demo Glitch. All with ease. But they don’t look so great and some frames skip.

I finally got Joly Roger’s Lagoon 2 up but Glitchpot wont accept my DDR video. I won’t upload Mumbo’s BBQ and The Mighty Jinjonator because I want my videos in the same order as I have them on YouTube. I’ll upload them later… hopefully GlitchSpot doesn’t act up again.

YouTube: YouTube is starting to remind me of GameSpot. YouTube started out small. Then a lot of people joined and made the owners of YouTube rich. YouTube is now one of the fastest growing websites on the internet.

YouTube is starting to redesign things, which isn’t a bad thing, but around the redesign, a lot of glitches started happening. At one point in time I had 9 video’s when I really had 10. The same thing happened a few days ago but different. It said I had 14 videos when I had 13. They redesigned the player three times. Three! The last two times were in less than a week!

They’re continuously trying to fix something that isn’t even broken just to impress people who already like it in the first place. And maybe with the new flashy look, they’ll get new people to join. YouTube will get new members but veteran members will soon lose respect to it.

I’m beginning to think that’s just the start of many glitches to come to YouTube. YouTube can now hang out with MySpace and GameSpot as one of the most glitchiest websites on the interent.

GTA Legends: An Officer Contest is going to happen soon. Check it out!

I’m going to buy Sonic Rush today for Nintendo DS. Also.. Vice City Stories is so close away! 21 days! I can’t wait any longer!

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