PowerDirector Isn’t Amazing

First of all, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Zelda got a lot stronger than she was in Melee. Wolf is also very fun to play as. Subspace Emissary is ok. It gets a little repetitive but it’s still fun, especially on co-op. The last boss, Tabuu, is really broken, meaning, 25% of his attacks are 1 hit KOs. Stickers help you along the way in Subspace Emissary but I found myself hardly using them. They’re fun to collect though… like secondary trophies or something. Event Mode is completely pointless..well, the last event is anyway. You get absolutely NOTHING for completing it. Talk about a gyp. Replay data is a great addition if you want to relive that Home Run Contest, Target Test Run, or insanely awesome match. The time limit should have been higher though. Album data is great for laughs with friends. The soundtrack is AMAZING. They have freekin Sonic Boom! SONIC BOOM! Wifi would have been great if it wasn’t so damn laggy. I really hope Nintendo fixes this in the future or I will hate them forever… I’m currently trying to complete all the Challenges.

My last two videos, The Blue Chicken and Brawl GameStop Launch, were edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector. It sucks. Badly. It’s a step up from Windows Movie Maker but not that big of a step. The interface looks a lot like Movie Maker. You can’t add more layers over another layer, which sucks. Sometimes, video clips are hard to crop and a video needs to be after another video for some stupid reason. The only reason I used it was because the video files my camera renders don’t open in Vegas and I also like to try new things. It feels like a video editing program used for soccer moms. Point is, don’t use PowerDirector if you expect a top-notch video editing program. It has cool transitions though.

I’m still using Sony Vegas to edit my videos but I’m thinking of trying out Adobe Premiere and Final Cut and see how they match up with Vegas. Final Cut is used my many professionals, apparently, or people who just love Macs. Not sure.

Anyway… about YouTube. In one of my previous blogs, I said YouTube sent my an e-mail saying I’m a good candidate for their partner program. Well, I sent them a partnership application about a week after I got the e-mail. A few weeks later, I was denied. I guess it has to do something with not being over 18 years old and having 70% Banjo-Kazooie videos. Meh. Whatever. I’ll try again next year.

Something groundbreaking was recently discovered at YouTube. If you type “&fmt=18” at the end of any YouTube video url, the resolution get’s higher! Yeah, you know how crappy YouTube resolution is? You can actually make the video in a higher resolution now. If only YouTube releases this code out to the public….

That’s it for now! Expect Subliminal Sequel out soon.

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